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What is Pixel & Dead pixel test?

Pixel is the smallest unit of the digital image that can be displayed on the display screen of the device. Millions of pixels are combined to form an image or graphic. The pixels are consist of primary colors RGB. The image you see on your computer is the result of these pixels. You can’t be able to see the images or graphics without the assistance of these tiny pixels.

Now, you have a clear understanding of the pixels and their importance. Let’s get talking about dead pixels. You might notice sometimes a dark spot on the screen of your device that was not there before. The reason behind this is the death of pixels or go out of pixels. These defective pixels will make your visual display screen unclear and blurry.

Types of Pixel Test

You would face a black dot over your screen. But the question is that how you can detect these dead pixels and overcome this issue. Let’s take this exclusive test to get rid of the dead pixels. This test will act as an effective defective screen pixel detector and this process will not take enough time.

RGB Screen defective pixel test:

This test refers to that situation where the whole LCD screen comes into sight in red color along with defective pixels. Pixel defects are recognized by using different color pixel defect locators. Spots can be identified very easily through this process.

Black screen defective pixel test:

We take the Black screen defective pixel test in the situation where the full screen appears black. In this case, defective pixels are detected very easily by using the light spot pixel defect locators. These light spots can easily be recognized as a blackout.

White screen defective pixel test:

White screen defective pixel test is suitable to identify dark & black spots. All the mentioned color types cover the domain of each kind of screen pixel defect.

How you can take the Dead Pixel Checker

If you are desiring quick defective pixel detection, follow these instructions that are mentioned below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is cleaning of your screen. Get a soft fabric to wipe away dust from the display screen.
  • Now, land on our site by following the home page.
  • Here you will find the “Dead pixel test” very easily.
  • Click on this tool option, the next page will be opened to relevant this tool.
  • You have to click on the “start test button”, which will activate the full-screen mode.
  • Now, the main thing that you have to do is that click the right button of the mouse, Enter, Spacebar, arrow keys for up & down to switch to the next color screen test.
  • This whole process will detect your issues one by one. Moreover, you are allowed to exit the full screen and return to your page by pressing the Esc key.

Core features of Display Test

A display test is used to check your device display here are core features of this dead pixel test , which will give you ultimate advantages.

  • This tool will detect problems within your pixels in a minimum time.
  • It acts as the doctor that will resolve your issue in a short period.
  • You won’t feel any problems, errors while the whole process.
  • This test too will work very smoothly due to its innovative idea.
  • It is a cost-free & risk-free tool for our valuable clients.
  • You don’t need to put any additional effort due to its automatic functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times do I need to perform the stuck pixel test?

It all depends on the users, you may perform this task twice a week to make a regular check on the performance.

How do you test for dead pixels?

To do this, process, clean your screen with a soft cloth and then open the Dead Pixels Test site on your browser. You can detect the problem automatically,

What are the reasons for dead pixels?

Dead pixels are normally the result of a manufacturing defect, the pixel will remain black at all times if a defect prevents a pixel from receiving power. Bumping into or knocking over a display or screen of the device, for example, may damage the power connection to one or more of its pixels, in which case a dead pixel can occur or be formulated.