Kohi Click Test- Boost Your Clicking Speed With Kohi CPS Test

Kohi click test is famous for its server which is kohi. It is a Minecraft server, which is popular for its Hand Core Factions game modes.

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What is Kohi Click Test:

Kohi Click Test is a method of clicking test in which players can increase their clicking speed in a given timeframe. It is also known as the Minecraft server.

It’s Minecraft server PVP would easily determine your clicking ability that how fast you can click.

Players use the Kohi Click test method to improve their clicking speed to make the highest score in the game.

The method is the same as the other programs of click test, but the only difference is that it is featured on a Minecraft Server.

  • Kohi game was originally designed by ‘hclewk’. It is the branch of MineHG and is secondly a byproduct of Minecraft of PvP MCVP.
  • It’s an experimental game for regulating the number of clicks per second, similar to any testing program. But the dissimilarity is that it is organized on a Kohi Minecraft server.
  • Players who use the Minecraft games play the Kohi click test to make their practice well.
  • Mostly Players use the Kohi Click test method to improve their clicking speed to make the highest score in the game.

Why Kohi Clicking Test is Important?

The main purpose of such a type of test is to accelerate your clicking speed. From Minecraft PvP, one of the greatest skills that you can obtain is speedily pressing your mouse button while hitting aim.

The number of times you hit the mouse clicker in one second will show your score in click per second (CPS).

It is a testing tool that originated for Minecraft servers, specially build for complex games. Online click test is spreading worldwide nowadays through games and apps.

People usually play speed test games to make a record of their clicks and most users use this game to hit their enemy as well as their competitors.

The reason for creating the Kohi Click Test is to make the number of clicks swiftly within one second and to maintain your expected target score when clicked as well.

Methods Use for Kohi Click :

There are several methods of Kohi Click test in order to increase the number of clicks and to achieve better results than others.

Regular Clicking:

Regular clicking is the simplest way of clicking. Usually, a mouse has two buttons and a middle scroll wheel which sometimes functions as a button. But several mice just perform two things; left-click or right-click. The left-click sometimes named as ‘regular click’.

The method is pretty easy but not get the desired CPS.

Jitter Clicking:

In jitter clicking, all you need is a proper clicking of your mouse. The method is difficult for beginners and requires a lot of energy while playing. But your practice can make you better.

The only thing it is dangerous that it may harm your mouse and cause injury.

Butterfly Clicking:

Butterfly clicking is one of the fastest clicking methods and is typically chosen by those who want to get the top scores.

In this method, users can make clicks by using two fingers, slamming with two fingers will create multiple clicks to achieve higher CPS. Your practice can make your score better.

Moreover, it performs amazingly on a speed test. Usually done by your index finger and middle finger and gives your desired results if done properly.

This type of clicking can be difficult for beginners and is not allowed for all servers.

Drag Clicking:

Drag clicking is one of the most powerful clicking methods. The method is simply just about the dragging with the mouse.

In this method, you have to drag your finger down the mouse and then you can get a higher number of clicks. For getting more clicks, drag your finger as fast as you can.

Everybody can do it if they practice strong enough to attain their goals. You can get almost up to 30 CPS if done properly.

Uses of Kohi Click Test:

In a Minecraft Fight:

Essentially, when the Kohi Click Test is engaging with Minecraft PvP conflict, you will be desiring to make your score of at least 10 CPS. You should have more and more practice to create up to 10 clicks per second. By this process, you can increase the possibilities of beating or punching your enemy as well as the challenger.


Clicking fast can utilize the swiftly positioning of blocks to make the bridge. While the Kohi Click test can be used in multiple techniques like StanMPL bridging, God Bridging, Breezily Bridge, and many more.

These techniques provide manifest advantages and can be used for numerous Minecraft game modes. Moreover, the kohi click test provides the opportunities are limitless. It can be used in sky wars, bed wars, and so on.

Furthermore, it can be used in hunger games to make over the bridge quickly, confidently, the chances are quietly endless.

kohi clicking test
kohi clicking test

Quickly Putting up Walls:

Kohi Click Test is incredibly useful for speedily putting up the walls. Usually, Helpful in most games that contain blocks.

You can click rapidly to speedily build up the walls and hit your enemy. The faster your click, the faster your walls will be constructed between you and your opponent.

Features of Kohi Click Test

Immediate Results:

Give results immediately of your performance, In simple words, you can easily check your test results without any wait. Just hit the ‘Click here’ button and your game will start right.

As the game ends, at the same moment your result will be shown immediately. You can improve your results with Kohi click method and found out the result quickly.

Social Sharing:

In addition to its features, we offer you benefits like social sharing. You can easily share your score from our website on social media. Moreover, you can invite your friends through social sharing to beat your highest score.

Responsive Design:

It’s a responsive web design game, users can easily get approach at it at any device, mobile phone, laptop, and computer.

It allows websites and pages to render on all devices and screen sizes.

No Need for any Account:

No need to create an account for playing this game. You can easily play the game on our website without any kind of headache.

Just come to our website and play the game because we don’t require an account from you.

Time Interval:

In Kohi Click Test, the timeframe set for users is 5 seconds. You

can test your clicking speed by using the method for 10 seconds.

You have to play the game according to the given time interval and get your score as you want.

kohi click test


Guidelines to Play Kohi Click Test:

You should be able to move your fingers quickly and continuously in Kohi Click Test.

Your clicking speed does matter in Minecraft, So, you have to increase your clicking speed to hit your enemy.

You should use a gaming mouse instead of a regular mouse or laptop space bar to perform better in Kohi Click test.

Before starting the game you have to follow the simple steps described below:

  • Firstly, you need to hit the ‘Click here’ button given in the box that you can see above to start the game.
  • After clicking in the box, your game will start right, you just start clicking as fast as you can.
  • You have to click continuously on the mouse for 5 seconds, A timer also displayed with the box in which you can see your remaining period.
  • As the timer ends, your final score will be presented immediately.
  • If you are not satisfied with your score, then you can play it again by clicking the ‘Try Again’ button to perform better next time.
  • Your clicking speed and then your score will decide that you are an octopus or a rabbit.
  • The highest your clicking speed, the highest the score.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Kohi Click Test?

Kohi click test is the process of checking your number of clicks in which you can measure your clicks per second (CPS).

how fast you can click in one second by using the laptop space bar, laptop mouse pad, computer mouse or gaming mouse. Kohi Click test also helps to improve your number of clicks on mouse during the game.

Here are some steps are shown below for Kohi click test;
• First of all, for starting the game, you have to press the ‘Click Here’ button given in the grey box.
• Your game will start right with your first click, you have to make more clicks quickly in the given timeframe.
• So continue clicking on the mouse, A timer with the box will present your remaining time.
• When the time runs out your game will stop and you can see your results, you can improve your results with kohi click.

Kohi is a Minecraft server famous for its Hand Core Factions game mode, the one of the useful method of click test also named as ‘Kohi’. In simple words, it’s a Minecraft gaming server famous among the gamers and players.

The technique of Kohi Click Test is Good and helpful for some users and same as the other programs of click test.

The method is also considered to be as fast, you have to click fast as you can. But other techniques are also available like butterfly clicking and jitter clicking which are faster than Kohi Click Test.

Players can measure the ratio of clicks per second by this method.
The ratio of clicks in Kohi Click test in 1 second is 6 clicks per second, users can easily do 6 clicks per second.

By using the method of Kohi click test, the Average score that users can make is 4-6 clicks per second.

In Kohi Click test, the world record for most clicks in a time interval of 5 seconds is 15.4 CPS.

By using the method Kohi Click test, users can make the highest score close to 20-25 CPS.

In this method, Users can easily score between 4-6 clicks per second..