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Spacebar Counter assist you to calculate the number of clicks by pressing the spacebar counter in a given time frame. So, if you want to know how fast can you click the spacebar? And want to make some practice on the spacebar counter to share your unbeatable score with your friends, family, or relatives, Hence, must try the spacebar speed test online.

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Spacebar Speed Test:

If you are wondering about how many times can you press the spacebar? Then you came to the right place. Our Spacebar Counter is an amazing free online spacebar speed test tool that helps you check your spacebar tapping speed. Simply, go to Spacebar Clicker, adjust your Spacebar timer e.g. 60 seconds – if you want to check how many times did you click the Spacebar in a minute, and start hitting spacebar as much as you can in a minute. After 60 seconds spacebar timer would be stopped and you’ll get to know your Spacebar pressing speed score.

The most wonderful and amazing thing about the spacebar counter is that you can change your fingers if you get frankly tired by hitting the spacebar continuously, you can press the spacebar with different fingers.

Let’s check your pressing speed on the spacebar counter by enjoying various features that our website put forth for you.

Spacebar Counter Mobile:

Spacebar speed test game not only can be played on your PC laptops or computers etc. but also you can run it on your mobile phones but the question is how can you use it on your mobile devices? Most users are wondering about how would they use the spacebar counter on mobile?

For this purpose, you must have to visit our website and get access to the spacebar counter mobile from the same web version, after coming to the site, go to your mobile keyboard.

Your mobile’s keyboard having a spacebar button, you’ve to use this key to start the game.

Space bar Clicker Features Offer 

Just give a sight of the features of the space bar clicker game.

Allows Multiple time variations:

The tool tremendously offers you different time variations, you can choose or set the time limit for the spacebar speed test as you want.

Here, the two different timeframes to choose

  • Spacebar Counter 1 Minute
  • Spacebar Counter 10 seconds

Spacebar counter 1-minute shows that you have to press the spacebar as many times within the time limit of 60 seconds.

In the spacebar counter 10 seconds, you have to make the spacebar press within a specific time interval of 10 seconds.


Simple and Easy:

A very simple tool supports you to play the spacebar test game without facing any difficulty and it’s very easy to use, not used for only when any reason required it can be played for fun and entertaining.


Score Card:

The game offers a live scorecard to users, as you play the game your score show above the spacebar, and it’s a live update scorecard.



The game is surely lag-free, users can use it without any fear of lagging or hanging on the website.


No additional requirements:

Our website doesn’t call for any additional requirements from you. For example, some of the other websites demanding to create an account to get access to it. Yet, our game doesn’t require you to build an account. Besides, no need to add any personal data to play the game.


Mobile Responsive:

Additionally, the game is mobile-friendly, you can get the spacebar speed test and play the game easily on your Android phone or mobile devices from the same web version.


How to Use Space bar Counter:

We help you with how to use the game, let me explain to you how easily can you play the game;

  • To run the spacebar counter, first of all, there is a need to know where the spacebar button locates, Most users will know about the spacebar button but some are not.
  • The spacebar button is the longest key found at the center bottom of the keyboard, used to separate the words in a sentence and create empty spaces. You have to use this longest horizontal button to play the game.
  • First, visit the page to play the game.
  • Then press the spacebar button to start the game, your first hit on the spacebar will start your game.
  • Before starting the game you have to run a timer so that you can see your leftover time.
  • Choose the specific time period and Start hitting on the spacebar as fast as you can.
  • The countdown starts with your game and saves your number of clicks.
  • After the time runs out, the counter shows your results immediately and tell you how many times you’ve pressed the spacebar button.
  • If you haven’t beat your challenge in the previous one, so no worries because we create a reset button for you. However, you can try it again.
Spacebar counter
Spacebar counter

Spacebar Counter Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times can you press the spacebar?

Most users try to beat the challenge of hitting the spacebar 300 times within 30 seconds.

There is a spacebar challenge for users to press the spacebar up to 210 times in 20 seconds. It’s the highest score on the spacebar counter.

There is a way to create a space without using the spacebar, just type Alt+32 and then release the Alt. This act would give you a space symbol.

Yes, you can add another key for spacebar on the right Ctrl key. Besides, you can use both control keys as spacebars.

Normally, there is a challenge for pressing the spacebar almost 300 times in one minute.

World record for pressing the spacebar within 15 seconds is 190 times.

The highest world record for spacebar counter is concluded as 58 times within 5 seconds.

You can press the spacebar faster by pressing the spacebar halfway down with one finger and gently tapping with the other finger, remember you have to press it gently and don’t even raise the finger.

We use the spacebar key to generate a space between the words during texting or typing.