Best Auto Clicker For IOS

IOS is a mobile operating system and it stands for the iPhone operating system (iOS). iOS devices include Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch Apple TV.

Have you wondered about how can you make clicks on your phone screen and how many clicks can you make? But how?

So, no worries about this, we designed a list for you which contains the best auto clicker ios.

Best Auto Clicker for iOS:

Here is the list of 10 best auto clicker apps for iOS,

  1. Automatic Clicker
  2. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap Pro
  3. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch
  4. Auto Clicker – Tapping
  5. Easy Toch – Auto Clicker
  6. Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker & Tapper
  7. Auto Clicker – Auto Tapping
  8. HabiTap – Auto Clicker No Root Automatic Tapping
  9. Auto Clicker – Super Fast
  10. Auto Clicker: Super Fast Tapping

1- Automatic Clicker

The tool will do automatic clicks at a specific time at any place. As the name indicates, automatic clicker, the tool having auto-click functionality.

Users can set their particular target location there and get the clicks automatically without requiring root access ability.

Also, can set any position to clicks for your android and ios at any time. It works great with web and mobile app games.

You can use it when you need to continuous clicks on the screen either during the game for the perfect result, it will make automatic clicks on your screen within a specific duration that you’ve set.

Auto Clicker will stop automatic clicks when the time has elapsed.


  • Easily control your clicks
  • No root access required
  • Easy to use
  • Has rich functionality
  • Simple and user friendly


  • An easy solution to avoid the ads.
  • Auto clicker so fast there’s no bugs
  • Pretty useful automation tool
  • iOS doesn’t have a clicker like this

cons iconCons:

  • No ability to change the order of click points

auto clicker ios

2- Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap Pro:

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap Pro performs repetitive automatic taps for you, a wonderful tool that helps to maximize your success among all users and players.

The tool allows keys to switch on and off, also gives you an option to adjust the frequency, you can set the clicking frequency according to your need.


  • Contains no ads
  • Easily control your clicks
  • Allow adjusting auto swipe speed
  • Great for repetitive taping games
  • Allows instructions before using the app
  • Have a global timer


  • The app has a lot of potentials.
  • This app is too good for recording… Works Flawlessly

cons iconCons:

  • Sometimes glitch with device

3- Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch

Auto Clicker – Automatic tapper, Easy touch allows you to slow or faster the clicks at a specific time interval that you have set on your mobile screen.

Provides you with the option of click duration to set the clicking time interval. The program loaded with great features that make your clicks easier.

Although, the tool supports users with the floating-point to control the clicks within a specific time.

Just need to tap one time on your mobile screen and then the application will automatically make clicks for you at specific duration at any place from your device.


  • No need to root access
  • Allow using float
  • Easy to tap on any side
  • Provides an option to set clicks per second
  • Emulate double-clicking


  • It’s good and works perfectly
  • Easy to install
  • Perfectly saves the settings

cons iconCons:

  • Almost works but the taps aren’t strong enough to make the game bar go up

4- Auto Clicker – Tapping

The tool requires no root access and helps you to do repetitive clicks automatically for your android, it’s a great help to click games.

Auto Clicker – Tapping can help you with automatically click & Tapping your phone anywhere you set on your android, the task will be done automatically even without having the device in your hand.

Although, Users can save their click location from settings and activities, after setting the once, also change the frequency of clicks at any time.

Moreover, The tool allows you to control the clicks after, before and during the process or at any time from the menubar.



  • A Simple and Convenient way of clicking
  • A lightweight app
  • It’s a free program
  • Easy to Start


  • The Multi-target mode works perfectly for making a click sequence and saving the script.
  • Has good options for anti-detection and is relatively easy to use, despite having many options.
  • The first one that had good settings and relatively stable clicking.
  • This one also allowed for the fastest tapping of any so far.

cons iconCons:

  • Once you close the app and you try again the swipe doesn’t work.

5- Easy Toch – Auto Clicker

Easy touch auto clicker for android supports quick and easy touch on the screen Although, it’s best for broken touch screens. A small and lightweight tool and can be installed quickly

An interesting addition, the tool has screen recording functionality which saves your settings and changes, that you’ve made for clicks.

You can go to all settings easily with a single touch.

Just set the target and try the tool it will make an infinite number of clicks on your screen. It is so simple and easy to use. Surely, you’ll enjoy this a lot.



  • Simple, convenient, and easy to use
  • Automatically repeated taps according to your choice
  • You can use it while playing a game
  • Provide you with quick settings
  • Good for broken touch screens


  • Best tapping app
  • It’s really good and you can turn the volume up and down

cons iconCons:

  • It doesn’t work on an older device

6- Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker & Tapper:

Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker and Tapper is a helpful piece of software designed for providing you with automatic taps best options to change the settings, frequency and duration according to your way.

The tool has an adjustable target mode, which supports you to touch easily and move it on any side of your mobile device.

Also, supports two main options of target mode to choose, single target mode or multi-target mode, these are helpful to make your touch easier.


  • Fast installation process
  • Saves your reasonable amount of time
  • Great for all tapping purposes
  • Contains moveable float point
  • Lag-free, virus-free and Ad-free


  • Verry fast and if it isn’t fast enough you can change the speeds
  • It is also really easy to use.
  • Useful for games where you can reduce some of the grinds by auto tapping for currency/progress.

cons iconCons:

  • There are few flaws such as if your phone turns off and it’s still on…it will be a little annoying.

7- Auto Clicker – Auto Tapping:

Auto Clicker – Auto Tapping generates automatic taps on your mobile screen also provides you with a special option to set the duration between taps.

The tool supports you to control your number of clicks with the help of users float point. Moreover, provides you with an option to set the swipe speed with a single touch.

The very simple and decent app provides you with an incredible number of automatic taps without having to sit in front of the screen to make taps with your hand again and again.


  • Great app for skipping ads
  • Each click have a delay option
  • The app is very useful
  • It’s Free to use


  • The best free app for auto-clicking
  • Has options for swipe as while as the ability to save your layouts.
  • You can also do multiple targets at once
  • This is a pretty simple nice app! It actually works for Roblox

cons iconCons:

  • Over a period of time, it just stopped functioning

8- HabiTap – Auto Clicker No Root Automatic Tapping:

HabiTap is an automatic clicker and very helpful for repeating the taps on your screen, the auto clicker is beneficial for people who face difficulties in repeated tappings, also for those who are suffering from some disabilities like Carpal Tunnel syndrome or Partial Paralysis of hand and arm.

HabiTap auto clicker works only for Android 7 and Higher requirements. Although the tool requires no root access abilities, it works perfectly on your android system.

The tool having the multi-recording ability and automatically record different positions that you’ve set to automatically tap.

Allows freedom to choose the single-point tap or double-point tap, you can set it at any speed that you want.


  • Works on Android 7 and higher
  • The app is Ad-free
  • The option of dual recording
  • Good for recording
  • No root method
  • Supports dual pointer mode


  • Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Plus, it doesn’t require your device to be rooted and to top it all off.
  • The app is wonderful great for repetitive taping games saves you on getting carpal tunnel.
  • It records all movements and real-time duration of movements.

cons iconCons:

  • Sometimes stops and starts unexpectedly.

9- Auto Clicker – Super Fast

Auto Clicker Superfast tapping provides users with many facilities of tapping, easy to get fast clicks and repeated the clicks again and again within your chosen time interval, will repeat the clicks as long as you want.

You just set the predetermined number of taps and see the number of counts on your screen that will fastly increase your number of clicks.

A wonderful addition, Auto clicker superfast can make more than 50000 clicks per second. When the screen is turned off, the function also stops automatically.

The tool allows clicking on the left, right, or middle mouse button also has a control panel to start and stop the tapping process.


  • Having a user-friendly interface
  • Allows multiple clicks
  • Not showing any ads
  • Supposed to be the fastest auto clicker in the world
  • Allow instructions for easy use


  • This is the fastest and greatest auto clicker on earth.
  • Good quality and tested
  • Works very fast and Does what you want
  • Provides Superfast tapping

cons iconCons:

  • Not supported on all devices

10- Auto Clicker: Super Fast Tapping

Auto Clicker: Superfast tapping starts automatically with a single tap to make an unlimited number of clicks. Saves your time that you have to spend on continuous tapping as well as saves your energy.

You can use the super Fasting Tapping when you need an unlimited number of clicks during the game or when you need continuous tapping to perform any task on your mobile screen. You can set your desire time duration between clicks.

We encourage you to try it must and enjoy the free and fast automatic tapping.


  • Solve your clicking needs
  • Use any time or at any place
  • Repeated the taps with your choice timing
  • Allows the floating-point to make your touch easier


  • By using the app, the game can easily get a higher score.
  • It’s really a super fasting tool, does a great job.

cons iconCons:

  •  Have compatibility issues

Guidelines for selecting an auto clicker for iOS

Every auto clicker users would know that there is a large selection of clicking method and also a broad list of auto clickers for iOS but sometimes wonder about which one is best for your Android.

Each Auto clicker app gives you the instructions and uses of the app, select those which allows you to switch the hotkeys, allows you to change the settings and don’t ask you to enter the changes again after a while, allows you multiple clicks.

You can use it at any place or any time or allows you to select a time interval of your own. Moreover, should have basic options of setting like delay setting, time settings so that you can choose the time between each click on your way.

Also, the app must be ads-free, virus-free, and doesn’t contain any type of malware, and will do all the work for you that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the good auto clickers for iOS?

• Auto Clicker – Tapping • Auto Clicker
• Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap Pro
• Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch
• Easy Toch – Auto Clicker
• Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker & Tapper
• Auto Clicker – Super Fast
• Auto Clicker: Super-Fast Tapping

Actually, iOS comes with its own function of auto clicker which makes repetitive clicks automatically as you want.

Yes, you can easily auto click on your Android to automate the various tasks, functions and operations on your mobile device.

Yes, Auto Clicker Tapping, Auto Clicker Super-Fast Tapping and Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Pro are the best auto tap app for your mobile devices, also provides you with fastest number of taps.

There are many mobile auto clicker apps like Easy Toch – Auto Clicker, Auto Clicker – Super Fast, Auto Clicker – Tapping. They are free to use on your mobile devices and easy to download, also ads-free, virus free and does not require root access.

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