Click Per Second – CPS Counter Clicker and Tester- CPS Test Challenge

In CPS Test user check their clicks per second and count the CPS clicker. CPS counter is the shortest mode of the game challenge yourself.

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Click Per Second Score Table

# Click Per Second (CPS) Results
1 0 To 5 Snail
2 6 To 8 Turtle
3 9 To 10 Rabbit
4 10 To onward Cheetah

Although the game ends too quickly, CPS is the best way to test yourself in a short time. It doesn’t take enough time to check your clicking speed.
Measure the number of your mouse clicks per second and give your test results soon; as your time runs, you can immediately see your score.

How to Achieve Your Desire Score In CPS Test:

Higher the number of clicks per second, the higher the score you get in CPS Test. Before starting the game, check your mouse that the mouse is connected well. Using a gaming mouse rather than a regular mouse.
There are different techniques of clicking like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, drag clicking, etc. Start practicing with these techniques to achieve your target and compete with your friends.

It’s not only played to compete but also as fun. Don’t lose hope if you don’t reach the target set in your mind because we designed the game for you as you can play the CPS tester many times to get your target score.

How to Play CPS Counter:

Test your CPS and see how fast you can play in one second, but you have to make your target score in a given time frame of only one second. Let me show you how fast you can play CPS Counter, the following steps you need to follow to play the clicks per second test:

  • As you know that you’ve to hit the grey box to start the game. After your one click, the game starts immediately, and you must have to click as fast as you can because your timeframe is concise. So, you have to make more and more clicks in one second.
  • As your time ends, your results will be shown, and you can see your score.
  • But if your score is not much better, so, don’t be sad because there is an option of ‘try again’ for you. So, let’s start again and enjoy your CPS test.

Frequently Asked Questions Of CPS Tester

1. How many clicks per second is considered to be fast?

If you want to become faster in CPS then you need to click between 7-10 clicks per second. CPS defined your clicking speed, So you must do the clicks between 7-10.

2. What is the Average CPS

On Average, most users can easily score between 8-10 clicks per second.

3. What is the highest CPS in the world?

According to the latest update, the highest world record in click per second is 22.

4. How do you get high CPS?

Our website gives you the exact idea that how can you get the high CPS, you just have to keep practising to reach the highest score. You need to try with different techniques of clicking and play the game again and again to get your target score, the faster you click the faster you get the high CPS.

5. Does CPS matter in PvP?

Yes, it does matter at a very high level. Not entirely sure how much it affects knockback and how effective your hits get through but it is very small. People say that you need a high CPS to be good because they want to feel like they have an excuse for being bad.

6. How much CPS do you need to God bridge?

You need at least 15 CPS to God bridge. First, you have to learn about methods of clicking.

7. Does CPS matter in Minecraft?

Yes, the CPS matters a lot in Minecraft. The CPS value gives you the exact idea of how you can click the mouse button. So, CPS matters a lot in these games like Minecraft etc. The CPS value will be lower if the time is more than 10 seconds because your fingers get tired, stained and slow down due to continuous clicking.

8. What is the world record for click per second?

The world record for most clicks in one second is 22.