Mouse Rate Checker

Mouse rate checker

This mouse rate checker will permit you to check your mouse polling rate online. The number polling rate represents how many times your mouse reports its position to the computer. Normally it is measured or justified in Hertz (HZ) and in the times per second. The higher polling rate indicates the more time your computer checks the mouse and the more accurately it transfers the position of the mouse over the screen of the computer.

Method of checking mouse polling rate

You can check your mouse polling rate at home, you don’t need to go anywhere else for this purpose. You are not gonna put any additional effort into this purpose, it is quite an easy process. We are giving you some instructions regarding the usage of the tool.

• You have to click on the “click to start button” at the top of the page.
• Your process will begin after clicking over it. The mouse rate checker tool will start calculating your mouse response rate right after clicking on the start button.
• You just have to move your mouse, the polling rate of your mouse will start displaying over the screen as a pop-up.
• You’ll see a full black screen, which measurement is fully listed for likely each millisecond.


This mouse checker tool is as amazing as it could be. This exclusive tool will determine your mouse response rate. It is an amazing platform where you can get the basic settings information regarding your mouse. Let’s get to know about your mouse polling rate in a short time. This tool will protect you from complex procedures and setups. We are hoping that you will admire our services.