Random Map Generator

Random Map Generator

The random map generator will assist you to generate island-style maps and you can make maps of your custom requirements. It is the most efficient & simpler way to explore extraordinary maps. Here you can scan multiple of the island shapes. If you want to find an island lake, you would get it very easily with the help of this extraordinary map generator.

Furthermore, you are permitted to share the link, save all the current parameters in a URL form. This is a great tool that was developed for the requirements of the users. You are allowed to use this amazing tool in your projects to get your desiring map. All types of projects like the coastline, mountains, and islands can be projected by using this ultimate featured tool. It is the perfect choice to explore the fictional world. Let’s get started to inspect the number of islands by operating this generator.

Core Features Of Fantasy Map Generator

Speed & variant in your hand: 

In the exploration of the island, speed matters a lot. You can adjust the speed as per your suitability. You can manage this setting from the arrow buttons on the option. Also, you can adjust it with the assistance of -, + signs. The same method goes for variants, you can adjust it by using the same method. You have to select one of the variants from 0 to 9.

You can set the weather:

If you want cold, icy, warm, or normal weather on your regional map, you can do it. You just have to adjust the weather condition by using the given options over the screen. Given options are dry to wet, N-cold to N-hot, S-cold to S-hot, and jagged to smooth. You can use this feature by using the arrow buttons or moving your cursor over the screen on the given options.

The number of the regions: 

It depends upon you, which size of region you are wanting. We are giving you 5 options for this purpose, you have to select one of them. The region’s sizes are;

  • Tiny
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge

Rendering can be managed:

Rendering in your map is also in your hand. It is a superb tool that will allow you to select one of the options from this category. The given options are;

  • noisy edges
  • noisy fills
  • icons
  • biomes
  • lightening

Save option & social sharing:

You can save your image by right-clicking over the screen. Furthermore, you can share it with anyone by using its URL link.

High resolution of the image:

This tool has a high resolution that represents your image in the best quality. You would be able to see each of the detail about your map in next-level quality.

Method to Use Map Maker:

You can use this tool very easily. Also, we are providing you with all the relevant guidance regarding the generator.

  • After landing on the site, you can see this “polygon Map generator tool” on the platform.
  • After clicking on the tool, the relevant generator will be displayed.
  • Let’s move towards all the given options.
  • You can use these options one by one.
  • Firstly, you have to adjust the speed & variant by using the arrow button.
  • Your image will be shown on the left side of these options. You would be able to see the changes in your tool.
  • Now, fix the weather as per your suitability. All the relevant options are given.
  • Now adjust the number of regions & sizes by choosing the option. In the last step, you have to adjust the rendering.
  • We are permitted you to save the image very easily. Also, you can share the URL with your social family.
  • You are permitted to use this map generator tool again & again.

Frequently Asked Generator Fantasy Map Creator

What is a polygon map?

Polygon mapping can be described as it is the cartographic display of regularly or irregularly shaped polygons along with their attributes. Normally, this capability includes shading, symbology, and numeric labeling, furthermore, other map cosmetic functions are for generating alphanumeric labeling of polygons.

What is a generated map?

It means that it creates the map as you play. Mostly gamers use this trick to generate near-infinite maps. Let’s take an example of Minecraft. It is committed to generating the map in ‘chunks’.

What is the polygon shape?

A polygon shape is a flat two-dimensional shape along with straight sides that are fully closed. The sides of that flat surface must be straight, not curved. However, polygons can have any number of sides, it is normal. The word polygon is derived from the Greek “polugonos”. After passing some time, it has evolved to the word “polygon”.

What is a random map generator?

In most video games, a random map is a map that is generated randomly by the computer, normally, it is used in strategic games. Random map scripts come along with instructions for creating the map, like terrain types, resource locations, and many other factors.