Click Per 5 Seconds

click per 5 seconds is quite entertaining and only designed for you as you can try yourself how fast can you play. So, in this variation, you can check your clicking speed more than 1 second.

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In 5 seconds click test, you can try more clicks to make the highest score. This mode measures the number of clicks in 5 seconds. The higher the number of clicks the higher the score you get.

The 5 seconds click speed test is for those who want to increase the game time interval from one second.

Check yourself how many clicks can you do in 5 seconds click test.

Click Faster to get a high score in click per 5 seconds:

  • A short time variation in which players can make more clicks. Do you want to be the fast clicker in 5 seconds? Let me offer you some tricks to improve your clicks.
  • There are different techniques to follow like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, etc. you can choose one of them, these techniques will help you to make more clicks.
  • The clock starts ticking with the first click. You need to click as faster as possible before the time runs out.
  • Challenge yourself and then your friends how many clicks can you do in a given time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many clicks a normal person achive in 5 seconds

The highest clicks in 5 seconds is 15.4 CPS but you can check your limits by testing yourself at this game, that how faster your fingers can triggers those clicks.

2. How do you get high clicks in 5 seconds?

As we know, practice makes a man perfect, the same equivalent principle applies to this game as well. The more you practice, the faster you can trigger your fingers on the mouse click hence you will become more faster with mouse clicks and this is how you can easily get a high score to achieve your goal.

3. How click per 5 second help you?

In most of the action and adventure games the clicking speed of the gamer is test between short of 5 seconds mostly. This format of game help games who want to improve their clicking speed.

4. Can I get same result with every mouse?

No! If you are using gaming mouse rather than ordinary mouse, your clicking speed will improve and hope you will get much better and expected results.

5. Can I share score on social media with my friends?

Yes! We especially design this game and provide feature of social sharing. Simply at end of the game a screen show you results and below the screen icon you will get the social sharing option for Facebook, Tweeter and Whatsapp.