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Click Counter is a timeless framework to count the number of clicks without any time limit. Simply, it counts your various repetitive click count by just clicking one button.

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You can count the number of clicks by using any mouse, laptop spacebar, mobile phones, or any of the other devices, it’s very easy to use the click counter.

It’s easy and accessible for each and everybody who wants to calculate anything either your number of works and attempts that you do many times and you want to calculate their exact numbers, so, you must’ve to use this version.

If you want something easy to calculate your number of clicks then use the click counter, it helps to count the amount of anything. Simply, we can say that it acts as an assistant who works according to your own will and calculates your number of anything.

Click Counter Features:

Saves time: It saves your time, you can use this without any headache. Just use the click counter to save your valuable time.

Shows Exact Clicks: It’s very helpful for you to calculate your number of clicks and show your exact clicks as well as you’ll click on the counter. It stores your every count very safely.

Moreover, it saves your count until you reset.

Browser Compatibility: An additional feature is that the website is surely compatible with any browser like Opera, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer etc.

No Lagging: Our website performs its function properly without any lagging or hanging. You can boost your clicking speed without any fear.

No Account Required: The website doesn’t require any account from you to reach this. Simply, you can easily use the click counter without creating any account.

Mobile-Friendly: An interesting addition is that it is mobile-friendly, the mobile users can easily have access to the Click Counter from the same web version.

Social Sharing: Moreover, it also provides you with social sharing in which you can share it with your friends, relatives and vice versa.

You can just go over social sharing via Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. You can enjoy with your companions and others from online sharing.

Spacebar counter:

The click counter tool is the same as the spacebar counter. In the spacebar counter, you need to hit on the spacebar as many times as you do to calculate the number of work.

The same rule applies to the click counter you have to make the number of clicks to calculate the total number of your clicks or work. You can get the click counter online and can play easily the click counter game.

Keyboard click counter:

Users can also use the keyboard to calculate their number of clicks. Here, another way of counting the clicks is the keyboard click counter.

In Click counter per second, the variation is about only one second, it calculates only those clicks that you make within one second.

Click counter 1 minute will calculate your clicks that you have done within the time variation of 1 minute (60 Seconds).

The time variation of 10 seconds also available for you to click counter 10 seconds will calculate the total clicks that you make within the time limit of 10 seconds.


How to Use:

Here are the following steps to follow is shown below;

  • First of all, just come to the website, here the green box will be presented to you at the top of the page in which you count the clicks.
  • You simply press the space button, mouse button, etc. to start the counting.
  • Then click on the box to start the counting process according to your work and calculation, just calculate your repetitive process by clicking one after one, as well as it will count your numbers of clicks.
  • The number of clicks will be shown in animated digits.
  • Your Counter value will maintain and remain the same until you restart the browser. You can see your previous value easily after resting the browser.
  • If you can start your counting process again from where you leave, the counter will restart and continue to count.
  • Take and saves your time and enjoy your click counter.

click counter

Click Counter Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a click counter?

A Click Counter is an electronic or software device used to perfectly count something. One of the most common things is that the counters are used for is counting people, animals, or things that are coming and going from some location.

The counter is a sequential circuit. A digital circuit which is used for a counting pulse is known counter.
The counter is the widest application of flip-flops. It is a group of flip-flops with a clock signal applied.

It's not only used for basic calculations but it can also be used with the households, count the number of products, number of exercises like push-ups pull-ups or any of the other repetitions of work.

The counter is a digital device and the output of the counter includes a predefined state based on the clock pulse applications.
The output of the counter can be used to count the number of pulses.

There are different various types of click counters shown below;
• Synchronous counter. • Asynchronous Counter or Ripple Counter. • Up/Down Counter. • Decade Counter. • Ring counter. • Cascaded counter. • Johnson counter. • Modulus counter.

An up-counter counts events in increasing order. A down-counter counts stuff in the decreasing order.
An up-down counter is a combination of an up-counter and a down-counter. It can count in both directions, increasing as well as decreasing.

It's an easy way to count anything you want to calculate, it saves your time, it works properly and you can share your saved counts through social sharing.
Everybody can use it easily, it's very helpful for those who want to count their number of attempts. It also helps to increase your productivity by automatically counting.