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Julian Date Today

It is an online tool that will show you the current today’s Julian date. Julian’s date format is a 5-digit number, broken into two parts. In addition, the two-digit representation of the year is followed by a 3-digit representation of the day of the year

Julian Date Converter:

It is an exceptional tool that will convert calendar dates into Julian dates. Let’s enjoy the example of Julian format; January 1st, 1998 is 98001 in Julian format. Usage of this tool is the most common way to transmute the normal date into a Julian date. The purpose of the Julian date is to make it easy & quick for you to compute the contrast between one calendar date and another one.

According to the Astronomers, the Julian date refers to the number of days since the start of the Julian period or it is used to record the orbit of the Sputnik satellite in 18 bits. You can convert the normal date into the Julian date or transmute the Julian format into normal. It acts as vice versa. You can convert the data into Julian format in a very easy way. You just have to add time & date information, in the result, you are gonna get the desired outcomes.

Method To Convert Julian Date

We come up with a mini-guidance about its usage. So, let’s begin the process, what are you waiting for??

  • You can see the tool with the number of options.
  • You can select the options that are given at the top of the converter. CE (current era) or BCA (before the current era). The choice is yours.
  • Now, enter the date you want to convert by using the year, date, month option. You have to select the date from the rundown options.
  • Now, add the universal time. Here in these options, you can add an hour, minutes, and seconds.
  • A weekday option is also available. Let’s select any of the options from the bottom side of the converter. These 2 options are calendar date to Julian date & Julian date to the converter. You have to select one of them.
  • After entering all the facts & figures, here you need to tap on the “calculate” button.
  • The results will be shown the very next moment after clicking on the “calculate” button.
  • Now, you can see your Julian date most quickly.
  • In that case, you want to know about your calendar date. So, you have to put the Julian date in the option of Julian date. Select the option of “Julian date to the calendar date”.
  • In that way, you can use this tool again and again. There is not any restriction on using this converter for multiple times.