Click Per 30 Seconds

We designed different time variations for you to test, our website also offers you a timeframe of click per 30 seconds to check yourself in half a minute.

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Simply, in this variation, you can decide your clicking power by doing clicks continuously in 30 seconds.

In 5 seconds click test, you should have some high numbers, but on an honest note, the case is reversible. Because the finger muscles got tired and struck. In simple words, you feel tired by continuously clicking on the mouse in one breathe.

Click Per 30 Seconds Highest World Record:

You can create a world record by yourself by applying some tricks and techniques. If you don’t get your desired results, don’t worry, you can improve your level by playing the game again.

Moreover, you can play it many times because our website gives you unlimited chances to get the highest score. We can get more and more every day by playing the game.

So, it depends on you the more you practice every day, the better you get the highest world record.

Click Per 30 Seconds Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many clicks can you do in 30 seconds?

You can easily make 830 clicks in 30 seconds.