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Jitter Clicking Test 10 Seconds

It’s a technique in which you can determine your number of clicks, you can get more clicks in 10 seconds by using the technique. You can also test jitter-clicking by hitting the spacebar.

Jitter clicking is a very useful method that also allows you to create more clicks quickly on a mouse than regular clicking.

Users can get high CPS by using the technique because the interest in the clicking game among users has become increasing day by day. Players can check their jitter click speed in different time variations for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and jitter click test 60 seconds.

You can compete with your friends after becoming a faster clicker, you make practice for jitter click to perform better during the game.


Jitter Clicking can harm your hand because when you use jitter click, your hand is usually vibrating, it is jittering your hand on the mouse. Users can face some physical injuries due to jitter-clicking.

Jitter Click Test- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is jitter clicking dangerous?

There are health risks that may occur due to jitter clicking. Friction in your joints can cause by Arthritis.

When you jitter-click, your hand starts vibrating, because of so many vibrations and so many frictions, your wrist gets worn away can be caused some serious damage. Thus, all these are caused by whole arm jitter clicking.

It depends on you, jitter clicking has both long term consequences and long-term consequences.
If used a lot in the short term it can cause tendinitis and bursitis. I am sure that these short-term consequences would avoid your mouse to break but the same case is not for the long-term consequences.

Yes, Jitter Clicking is bad for our health, because of its vibrations and jittering can harm your hand and causes serious issues. The more you do click, the more it’s going to affect you.

A faster clicker can click 9-12 clicks per second by using jitter click test method.

Most of the users can easily make an average score in jitter click test is of 6 clicks per second.

Jitter Clicking can cause some repetitive stress injuries, not Arthritis

There are two types of consequences for jitter clicking, short term and long term, short term use can’t give any pain to you but it can injure you within the long term.

Tom Andre seppola, a gamer from Norway, has the highest score in jitter clicking.
He clicks 402 times in 10 seconds. The total duration of this test is 30 seconds, and he clicked 1045 hits average of 348 clickers per 10 seconds