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Online Mouse test click is Precisely designed to test your mouse includes Mouse button, scroll, dpi test, Gaming Mouse test, Mouse Drag test, and double click test.

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Online Mouse Test Tool

When it comes to choosing the right mouse, there are a lot of factors to consider. But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start but the first priority is mouse work properly. That’s why an online mouse checker can be a helpful tool. By inputting your specific needs and preferences, you can get tailored recommendations for the issues in your mouse. And with so many models and brands to choose from, you’re sure to find that your mouse work properly. So whether you’re looking for a gaming mouse or a basic office mouse, take advantage of an online mouse checker to help you find the perfect one.

Simply, our website Permitting all these tests to check your mouse from every side so that you would be able to detect all the major or minor failures and faults of your mouse.

A mouse is an important tool of each computer and usually uses all the time while working on a computer or even for a small use of computer we must have to use the mouse to fulfil the task

it allows you to test how fast your mouse can work and very accurately test your mouse either all the keys and buttons on your mouse works properly or not.

Mouse testing is an effortless, simple, and easy way to test your mouse without requiring to put a lot of effort into this.

With the help of this mouse tester, you can easily find and recognize where there actually is an issue with your mouse.

Let’s use this to test your mouse swiftly, effectively, and accurately.

Mouse Test Click Features Offers

Just give sight to the abundant features of mouse test that our website furnishes to you;

Mouse Buttons Test:

The average computer mouse has two buttons and a scroll wheel. The left button is the primary button, and is used for most activities such as selecting objects and opening files. The right button is the secondary button, and is typically used for context-sensitive actions such as opening a menu. Some mice also have additional buttons that are programmed to perform specific tasks. In general, it is recommended to use the primary button for most activities, as it is positioned under the index finger which provides the greatest level of control. The secondary button should be used sparingly, as it can be easy to accidentally trigger it while performing other tasks.

We offer you to test your all mouse buttons whether the mouse button is working accurately or not.

You can test here all the buttons of your mouse includes the right mouse button, left mouse button, or middle mouse button.

In this test, you can easily justify the accuracy and working of mouse buttons. Those buttons will be turned red on the screens which are working accurately. This test is conducted to check out the versatility and performance of your mouse. 

Most of the tasks are done by the mouse but if the mouse is not working correctly, this will disturb the whole mechanism. You will find out the error without any computer specialist.

How To Test Mouse Buttons:

  • First, visit our website and place your cursor over the mouse diagram.
  • To check your right mouse button, click the mouse with the right-click.
  • As you click your right mouse button the diagram lights up its right button. With your every click the figure will light up. It means your mouse is accurate.
  • Similarly, for testing the left mouse button you have to click your left mouse button the illustration will again light up to tell you that your left mouse button is functioning perfectly.
  • For checking the middle mouse button, you need to click down the middle button of your mouse and the middle button of the diagram will light up to show you that your middle mouse button is working.
  • If any button of the image doesn’t light up, results that there is an issue with this.


Mouse Scroll Test

We are also providing the functionality to check you mouse scrolling either its work properly or not. In this test, you can check your mouse scroll wheel respond according to your concern.

Besides, the scroll mouse test will aware you absolutely about how many pixels you can scroll the mouse wheel every second. You can practice and improve your mouse scrolling.

Just scroll over the mouse wheel to start the test. Our website also established another way of mouse scroll test, tapping both left and right mouse buttons together will create a scroll click.

It is the middle wheel between the right & left buttons on the mouse that would testify through this skill. The wheel scrolling button is also known as the third button of the mouse. You can test your mouse scroll while using it up and down then release it while you reach your desired location on the screen, if it is working well then the area of the presented figure will be turned red.

How To Test Mouse Scroll:

  • Visit the website and move the cursor over the diagram.
  • Now, roll over the mouse wheel located on the front side of your mouse.
  • Scroll it up and down to test your mouse scroll.
  • When you scrolling up and down, the bright color lightens up the mouse scroll of the presented figure, it means your mouse wheel is accurate.
  • And if it doesn’t show any color, the answer is there is no fault with your mouse scroll.


Gaming Mouse Side Buttons Test:

Most of the Gaming mouse having different side buttons to provide smooth operations of clicking and scrolling while gaming and allows you to forward or backward  the page without using the keyboard and provide extra functionality. Also, used to carry out in-game commands by pressing a single side button. You can also test your mouse polling rate for batter gaming experience and set accuracy of your mouse polling rate to perform extraordinary in gaming.

You can also check your gaming mouse side buttons here by pressing the side buttons. By using the side buttons of a gaming mouse, you can play the game without using the keyboard or remembering hotkeys. These buttons provide us with shortcuts while playing games. 

So, the presented figure could not lighten up by its sides that show about the defect inside buttons or if buttons not work properly. If you physically clicked on the right button, then the right button over the screen could be turned red or light up. If side buttons are showing normal results, like if you click on the side right button, the next page will be opened, and if you are clicking on the left side button, the previous page will be open.

If your mouse is not working in this way, so there would be an error in your mouse that is disturbing the systematic function of the mouse. If you don’t have a side button you can’t use this tool for testing the side button.

How To Test Mouse Side Buttons:

  • Put the cursor over the figure and click the side mouse button.
  • As you click the mouse button the test will starts.
  • When you tapping the mouse button, the bright color lightens up the side button of the presented mouse picture to show you that your side mouse buttons are working fine otherwise your mouse is physically damage or maybe driver issue.


Gaming Mouse Test:

In this tool, you can also check your gaming mouse if your gaming mouse is going fine or not. With the help of the gaming mouse, you can test your all gaming mouse keys and scrolling wheels of the mouse.

It also testifies the gaming mouse by checking its sensitivity and response. We create a test that evaluates the performance of your gaming mouse to keep doing efficient work. The affected areas wouldn’t be lightening up while you are using your mouse for this process. The test will be easily clear with maximum tracking speed and sensor position.

How to use:

  • Make your cursor in front of the image and move down the button one by one to check the gaming mouse is alright or not.
  • The arrows show on the illustration that tells your mouse accuracy


Mouse Drag Test:

A mouse drag test is a simple way to assess a mouse drag is accurate order. The test is typically done by having the person sit in front of a computer screen and use a mouse to move an object on the screen. The object is typically moved from one side of the screen to the other, and the time it takes to complete the task is measured. Mouse drag tests are commonly used in research studies and are a good way to compare mouse accuracy of different  brand mouse’s .

Dragging is the way to move particular objects on the device. This tool also offers you a mouse drag test. So, you would be able to know whether your mouse is dragging the objects properly.

Mouse drag click is an option to select an object or text to move from one place to another. For example, we use this option while changing the location of icons from one place to another.

In this test you have an object as an object with the description as “drag me”, which you have to select and move from one place to another, if your drag click is working efficiently, you can easily move it, but if there is an issue, the icon on the screen couldn’t move. 

How to Test Mouse Dragging:

  • Place the mouse cursor over the object
  • Press the object and hold down it with the left mouse button
  • Still holding the object with the left mouse button even when you drop down this on the exact location where you want to place it.

mouse test

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I test my mouse?

• Check whether the mouse is an optical mouse or not.
• Confirm that left-click and right-click buttons are functioning fine.
• Examine if the double click is working properly.
• Confirm that the time duration between two left clicks, to consider it as a double click.

When the internet connection is poor and unresponding it may cause difficulty in mouse functionality. Or when the mouse is not connecting with the accurate port of the USB, change the USB port by connecting with another.

• Varify the mouse is turned on.
• If you are working with a Bluetooth mouse, Varify you have paired the mouse with your computer.
• Click a button and check if the mouse pointer moves directly.
• Confirm that the battery of the mouse is charged.

If your any pointing device driver is out of date, corrupted or degenerated it would cause your mouse cursor retains moving by itself.

If the mouse pointer starts to move aimlessly or the mouse by itself no longer moves smoothly or steadily, the mouse likely only needs to be cleaned.
The wheels or buttons may have hair or lint, floss or wool wrapped and enfolded around the axle points, so you have to remove the lint or any dirt carefully with tweezers. Look in the centre of the roller to check if there is any built-up remainder..

Mouse Lock is a free, open-source software for your desktop, laptops or computers that can dim or faint the desktop and lock your mouse cursor to avoid from moving. With the help of this software, you can control the motion of the motion.

To unlock your mouse, use the keyboard combination Ctrl+Tab to move to the Device Settings, TouchPad, ClickPad, or the similar tab option and press Enter.